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 Port Foreward your gear

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PostSubject: Port Foreward your gear   25th January 2012, 8:10 am

This post assumes you know almost nothing about computers or internet and that the only reason you looked at this page is because you are astute enough to realise the possible benefit for your GAME.

If you would like some advice on the net hardware, I can do that. You can email.

Keyboard>Computer>LAN/WAN (wires and wireless)>Router>Modem> Internet
" "> Gateway (combo)>" "

I concur...do this first

Port forewarding is a means by which you assign "toll free roads" in and out of your router from the user side of the router. This means that to the outside a port fwd router looks the same. Unless you're a douche and keep the default password for your wireless router and/or do not set up an IP/MAC filter, your security will be just fine under normal circumstances. (abnormal is black hat/government hack)

This is by no means necessary and truth be told there is some debate as to its effectiveness; few dispute it however. I agree with the majority that this process is beneficial, and the learning process is interesting in that you LEARN how to not have to call your ISP everytime you lose your IP adress. Port fwd requires that you login to your ROUTER. Dont be scurred its like riding a bike; you cant be a pussy. Once you stretch your legs a bit, curiosity will convince you one day to return and screw everything up, thus causing you to google a fix, in turn gaining enough experience to one day write a how-to on a forum.

You can ALWAYS google your default login/pass for your router. This is different from your encryption password. Router IP addresses 192.168.x.x with a 1 and or 0 for each x; never with both as "0". If you do not know this address, grab a connected computer and; go to start, white box, type run, click on black box , then type IPconfig and look for the 192xxxxxxx listed beside default gateway. Type this number into the address bar of IE or equivalent.
The white box appears and you begin to feel like a hacker now. YOU ARE NOT. Type your login and the password, again both are listed under google. Type in your model number listed on the white sticker on the bottom/back side of your ROUTER.

I concur 2nd comment is easiest

Remember if you have any issues just go to this link, when it is done, insert the model of your router into the box, and you should be able to figure it out. If not.......ugh....email me and i will try to walk you through that. If I cant help you...go to that website some more.
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Port Foreward your gear
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