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 New members READ THIS

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DB4D Very Active Member
DB4D Very Active Member

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PostSubject: New members READ THIS   11th January 2012, 10:22 pm


Thank you for taking the time to sign up for the forums. We appreciate you taking an active role in the platoon.

Before you get started going through posts I wanted to take a moment to set a couple of important guidelines for these forums, and for the platoon in general. We want you to have fun playing with us, and keeping the following in mind will make it easier for everyone to accomplish that.

First, read these forums. The purpose of having this website up is to keep everyone in constant communication. We will post upcoming events, changes to the platoon, important play information and so forth; you can always feel free to ask questions about the platoon or the game in general. In order for this to be of value we really do need to be active here. No, we don't expect you to make this website the central focus of your existence; but we do expect that each member of the platoon does stay active and make an attempt to keep up with current events.

Second, listen to your platoon leaders. Both on the forums and in the game. They aren't trying to rule your life, just to help keep our win/loss ratio in the positive. Each of them is experienced in the game and know what they're doing. If you have a problem with what they're saying listen anyways, but feel free later to talk to them about it. Each of our leaders should be willing to talk to you about the game, but we can't expect them to drop what they're doing in the middle of a match to walk you through their thinking.

Finally, have fun! Yeah I know it sounds stupid to say, but keep in mind that you're playing the game to enjoy yourself. While you're playing, however, keep in mind that the rest of us are also in the game for the same reason. Games do get tense (especially for those of us who are highly competitive) and it's easy to let emotions get away from you. Try not to take it out on your squad mates.

If you haven't yet been added to the list on -->This<-- thread then please PM me with your battlelog ID and PSN ID so I can add you. Take the time to add each member listed there to your friends list both on battle log and on PSN so that we can get the chance to play with you ASAP.

I'd also highly suggest taking the time to read this guide to installing and configuring Mumble. Mumble is our primary means for communicating with each other during play sessions.


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Squad Leader
Squad Leader

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PostSubject: Re: New members READ THIS   13th January 2012, 4:59 am

I could not word it better than this !! Thank you Tsujin.


Regards Squad Leader

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Platoon Leader
Platoon Leader

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PostSubject: Re: New members READ THIS   14th January 2012, 4:06 pm

Great work Tsuujin, Loving your work.



Death Before Dishonor
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PostSubject: Re: New members READ THIS   

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New members READ THIS
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